Arsip: TheDevShop releases dbQwikSite Personal Edition

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dbQwikSite Personal Edition sekarang bebas di download, aplikasi ini merupakan aplikasi web database builder dari TheDevShop Ltd.
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dbQwikSite Personal Edition is a free, scaled down, version of the popular dbQwikSite Pro web database application builder from TheDevShop Ltd.
The program actually writes all your web page code for you. You don't need to know any web programming language or database programming.

Pages produced by dbQwikSite have plenty of "sex appeal" when using the bundled design templates and record layout templates.

Aside from novice webmasters, veteran web developers can use dbQwikSite to accelerate their database web projects.

The generated code is "clean" and easily modifiable, speeding the development process and greatly reducing the debugging cycle.

Personal Edition is packed with many of the features of Pro. Using Personal Edition, you can generate fully functional database web sites, including pages to: display data, search your database, add/edit/delete records on-line, e-mail information and secure administrative functions.

Personal Edition even features a localization tool letting you create web sites in your preferred language.

Like Pro, Personal Edition generates your choice of ASP or PHP scripting languages, so that you have the flexibility to host your site on either Windows or Unix Servers.

A wide range of databases are supported including: mySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, DB2, FoxPro, Paradox or any other ADO or ODBC compliant database.

Creating a web page is a matter you checking a page type, selecting data, choosing formatting options, and saving you pages. You don't need to know any SQL, the integrated visual query builder creates all your SQL statements for you.

As you select design options the page preview shows you pages as they would appear in a browser, speeding your design process.

DbQwikSite allows you to "live test" your pages on your PC with a click of a button. Once you are finished designing and testing, the publisher will help convert all your connection strings for your host environment and move your pages to your server

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