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Powtils is a web development project currently focused on supporting the freepascal and delphi toolsets.
The name Powtils stands for "powerful web utilities". The project used to be called Pascal Server Pages. The Powtils project is open source released under Artistic and public domain licenses.

Source Code
The Powtils project's source code is hosted on Google Code and Sourceforge.

Extra Utilities
The Powtils project also offers extras such as string utilities, parsing utilities, general utilities, a remote web compiler, a web based compiler, a web command (shell) program, and an IDE (integrated development environment).

Programming Philosophy
The programming philosophy behind Powtils is simple but powerful modular programming. It uses many "units" also known as "modules" which include several functions and procedures in them. Classes and objects can be used optionally. Any freepascal or delphi unit can be used directly in any Powtils web program, as long as it isn't specific to X11 or Win32 GUI calls, since web programs output HTML.

The Powtils project uses a tool called Lufdoc to host its documentation.

Powtils offers many simple examples and demos on the example page at the main website.

Hello World
Version 1.7.X of Powtils

uses pwinit, pwmain;

Earlier versions of Powtils
uses pwumain;
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