The Big Five of Modern Pascal

by LuriDarmawan in more 4 years ago 2519

There are many other Pascal compilers beside these big 5, but they're either no longer developed nor used by lots of people. So, they are practically irrelevant. And, please... do not use Turbo Pascal anymore.7 It's an archaic Pascal compiler that incompatible with today's computers.

Release Date
IDE platform
Intermediate Target
Web Target
Native Target
Note: 1. Free Delphi Community Edition is available. 2. Some RTLs and libraries are open source. 3. Free for educational purpose upon request. 4. Only for non-GUI applications especially on Linux. 5. Mostly for component and IDE plugin development. 6. Only on Unixes platforms. 7. SAY NO TO TURBO PASCAL!" campaign.
Legend: ✅ : fully supported. 🔵 : partially supported. ⭕️ : experimental (in progress). ⛔ : completely unsupported.
Updated: 23 December 2018 Sumber: Pak Lebah Blog
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