Arsip: Hidden Storage On NTFS

by reev in Sistem more 16 years ago 2007
NTFS has good features on it. One of them is Altrenate Data Stream (ADS), something/somewhere we can save safely our data without worrying of being known by others. Still based on a "Hiding personal information against unexpected acces", recently I had written FolderCustomizer that brought this feature on. Unfortunately, by using Winrar or Nero, it was easy to open the hidden information protected by FolderCustomizer.
Now I am work on a simple other application withing same topic, but run on the NTFS Alternate Data Stream feature. HiddenStorage has a better hidding technique, which saves information into the NTFS ADS.You can check this application (really a very simple tool) on the link above. I provided source code and some small description, AFAIK, about ADS there.

Download EXE + Source
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